Volunteer Opportunities!

JULY WORK PARTIES — Saturday July 10th and Saturday July 24th

Our plan is to start at 9:00 and work until about 1:00

We had a great work party in May and several hardworking volunteers on July 10th, but we still have numerous activities & projects to plan for. These include on-going efforts and small projects. Some are listed here:

Big Park Projects

  • Finish painting swing set.
  • Repair and/or repaint tables as needed.
  • Repaint the Connex storage unit – we have a volunteer but she might appreciate an offer of help
  • Haul off branches that have been stockpiled from winter storms from past couple years

Pool Building/Clubhouse

  • Repair damaged plaster on pool surfaces
  • Paint patched areas
  • Prep fascia for painting; paint fascia boards.
  • Repaint deck markings – Don’t Run, for example.
  • Carefully repaint lettering on west side of pool building. This will likely be done as part of the mural that is going to be painted around the building.
  • Repaint dividers for toilet stalls and by shower areas in both bathrooms.
  • Repaint walls in office and dressing rooms
  • Clean & caulk cracks and expansion joints in pool deck and sidewalk

Off-Site Projects

  • Nothing on our list right now; any suggestions?

If you can volunteer for any of these please join us! If you would like to contact us about other projects or things you can help with, please contact Tony Barrett — TRC President, at 907-903-5429.  We would love to meet you and have you help out!