The TRC Board will meet on Wednesday October 25th at 7 pm in the library at Lydia Hawk Elementary. 

These meetings are your opportunity to become involved in our community and have your voice heard regarding items such as maintenance of the park and proposed park upgrades. Special item of interest at this meeting will be a discussion of proposed changes to bylaws to facilitate filing as a 501(c)3 entity. The meetings are also an opportunity to provide input on issues that you would like to see addressed in order to maintain the integrity of our parks and pool.

AGENDA – Proposed

  Tanglewilde Recreation Center

Meeting Agenda October 25, 2023

Secretary’s Report/Minutes:

  • Review & Approval of minutes from September TRC Board Meeting

Financial Report

  • TRC Financial Report; review & approval
  • Park & Recreation District current fund balance and cash summary – as of October 20th is $1,945.55. This includes the $11,000 warrant from October 2nd. We can expect approximately $40,000 in tax revenue at the end of October.
  • Reinstate Amanda as Sec/Treasurer
  • Discuss/approve new bookkeeper contract
  • Approve current bills and projected expenditures (Note current balance).

Pool Managers Report

  • NOTE: Pool winterizing discussion continued under Old Business

Old Business:

  • Pool winterizing planning
  • Cameras for small park

New Business:

  • IRS – 501(c)3 status and revisions to TRC bylaws

Other New Issues and/or general discussion